Root Canal Retreatment

With proper care, most teeth that have had endodontic (root canal) treatment can last as long as other natural teeth. Root canals done properly, typically have a 90-95% success rate. However, in some cases,  a tooth that has received endodontic treatment fails to successfully heal. Occasionally, the tooth can become painful or diseased months or even years after treatment.

In many of these cases Endodontic Retreatment may be helpful to repair your tooth.  At our office, we have the opportunity to view a 3-Dimentional CT Scan image of your tooth to give you the most accurate assessment, prognosis and treatment options possible.

If Endodontic Retreatment has been selected for your tooth; our doctors will re-open your tooth to gain access to the root canal filling material.  They will then carefully examine and clean the inside of the root canals.  To provide the best results possible they will often leave a disinfecting medication in your tooth.  Once this medication has done its job, and only after we see signs of improvement, one of our doctors will place a new root canal filling to re-seal your tooth.  Our goal is providing the most predictable treatment possible.  If we decide that endodontic treatment is not the best option for you we will always let you know.  Your health is our priority.